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First of all, with the Bar Crawl Madrid he made us grow and specialize in leisure activities year after year. We put all our tools to make your new farewell a success with the best Bar Crawl Madrid in town !

In stagpartynight we are not just another event agency,because we have more than 25 years experience offering the best bachelorette parties in many destinations in Europe.

The Madrid Bar Crawl is Ideal for meeting people from all over the world

Every night is a different experience. We usually go between 3 and 5 bars all together. Knowing the night of each city, in the best environments with beautiful and fun people taking shots, beers and premium drinks. We even have packs with an open bar of beer or sangria for 1 hour. Then we go to a trendy club in the city so that the night continues in the best way.

Everything is explained before we start so you know exactly what the plan for the night will be.

The best thing about party nights
One person from each Bar Crawl Madrid is in charge of each group. This means a local guide will go out with you!

Why don’t you join the fun?

Depending on the season you come, there may be over 200 people attending this bar tour. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet people from all over the world in a fun way.

Our goal is to have an enjoyable nightlife experience. We go to the best bars and clubs in each city.


If you want to go out in the most amazing clubs in town then you can have it with us. For example, entrances for your group and even VIP zone and tables.


For that reason,and many more options available don’t hesitate contact us for your bachelorette parties.

We have very complete packs and many original ideas.

We just have to know what idea you have inside your head and we will give you all the alternatives.


Our dedication is total and you will always be supported both in the information of the activities as once you are in the city chosen.

With our local guides and contact phones coordination that will be available throughout the weekend to answer your questions

Also, if you want to add any activity last minute.


There are many options to choose  from cultural, fun, erotic and lots of partying.

All that and much more you have at your fingertips in your new stag do.


Don’t speculate on your best friend’s most important party, because it’s not just another party, it’s his dream wedding party.

It’s his stag do and there’s only one party like it in life, play it safe and make sure it’s an unforgettable weekend to remember forever! 

Remember, your best friend will always be grateful !

Contact us, we will attend you in a personalized and simple way, because we are committed 100% with you to make everything easier.

Heating it ,more opcions you can find with us like our sexy , lively and friendly girls in a Wrestling in the mud, bunny girls , strippers.

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Do you not have enough time to organize your stag do? We take care of everything: transfer from the airport, activities, nights, accommodations, … You will only have to enjoy your farewell! If you lack ideas to organize your next bachelorette parties for , know that we offer destinations to make your stag do a unique and original weekend!

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