Beach Club Beer/Sangria Lunch Benidorm


Benidorm Beach Club Beer/Sangria Lunch. Two hours of open bar with sangria or beer. Welcome drinks. Choice of English breakfast. Live music.

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Benidorm Beer/Sangria Beach Club Lunch🌴

Brunch by the Sea in Benidorm! 🍳

Enjoy a sensational gourmet experience in Benidorm with our exclusive beach club brunch, a gastronomic getaway that will tantalize your taste buds with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

🍽️ Gourmet Feast: Start your day with an exceptional brunch by the sea. Choose from three delicious breakfasts to satisfy your cravings: the classic English breakfast with sausages, toast and eggs, the vegetarian English breakfast with mushrooms and tomatoes, or eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

🌅 Breathtaking Sea View: Enjoy the heavenly setting of our beach club, where relaxed luxury meets exquisite gastronomy. Sit comfortably with a breathtaking view of the sea horizon.

🎶 Intoxicating Ambiance with Live Music: Let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating atmosphere created by our live music. Relax, enjoy your delicious brunch and let the melodious notes float in the salty air.

🍳 Complete Gourmet Experience: Our brunch offers much more than a meal, it is a complete experience for all the senses. Delicious flavors, an idyllic setting and a variety of breakfasts that will satisfy every morning craving.

🥂Book now to experience a morning of relaxed luxury in Benidorm, where brunch becomes a celebration of life’s pleasures. A gourmet experience that promises to delight your taste buds and satisfy your senses.

🌴🍹The Benidorm Beach Club Lunch is the height of seaside leisure and gourmet delight. Savor a gourmet meal that combines flavors from around the world in a harmonic manner. Enjoy it with a variety of cold beers and cool sangrias. This beach club is tucked away in a tropical paradise and offers a relaxed atmosphere that makes it the ideal place to enjoy fine dining, refreshing drinks, and making treasured memories by the sea.


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