Lesbian strip in Mallorca

Haz que el evento de tu mejor amigo sea especial y único. El striptease lésbico es un espectáculo sensual, erótico, festivo y participativo. Disfruta el momento y guarda el recuerdo para siempre.


Lesbian strip in Mallorca. Surprise the groom with a unique and special lesbian show. Erotic, fun and participatory show. Possibility of choosing strippers. Possibility of traveling to your apartment, villa, restaurant, bar with private lounge or even by limousine.

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Lesbian strip in Mallorca🔥

Experience sensuality and fun: a striptease not by one girl but by two! 🔥

Reserve a moment of pure eroticism and pleasure with our exclusive fifteen-minute sensual dance show. Two dancers exclusively for you, bringing a touch of sensuality and pleasure wherever you want, accompanied by their music chosen for the occasion.

If one is sexy, the two together are eroticism in its purest form:

We all know how sexy a striptease is and raises the temperature with the dancer, imagine what it’s like for two. They are very affectionate towards each other, touching, rubbing, even helping each other undress…..

💃 An experience tailored to you:

This show revolves around the groom. Dancers move wherever you want, ensuring a personalized and unique experience. In an intimate setting at home or somewhere special, prepare to be the star of an unforgettable show.

🔥 A show that leaves a lasting impression:

The sensual atmosphere, the rising temperature and all your friends marveling at the quality of the dancing and the affection of the dancers. Each movement is designed to awaken… ¡
Enjoy sin in Palma de Mallorca or Magaluf!

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