Pack Boat Party + Pool Party Ibiza

4 hour boat party with free food and drinks + water activities on the way + pool party after the boat party until closure.


4 hour boat party with free food and drinks + water activities on the way + pool party after the boat party until closure. The best parties with Stag Party Night.

A 4-hour boat party extravaganza that promises nonstop fun and excitement will set you off on an amazing journey. There will be a lively mood and a sense of excitement for the adventures ahead as soon as you come aboard.

Free-flowing food and beverages are offered to passengers during the voyage. Presenting a sensory feast as the boat sets sail. 🍹 Savor a selection of mouthwatering foods and revitalizing drinks that have been thoughtfully chosen to entice your palate and keep the celebration going.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. You’ll have the chance to take part in thrilling water sports while you sail over the glittering waterways. 🌊 Take a jet ski ride for an exhilarating experience or dive into the pristine depths for an exhilarating snorkeling trip. Your options for water excursions are endless when you have access to equipment and professional supervision.

Pool Party

The celebration soars to new heights with an extravagant pool party that lasts until closing as the sun sets. 🎉 Come ashore and plunge into the refreshing pool. Surrounded by partygoers and the DJ’s pounding music. It’s an experience unlike any other—a celebration of laughter and life—with drinks flowing and spirits rising.

As the boat party reaches its peak. The energy aboard is electrifying. Laughter fills the air as guests mingle and dance to the rhythm of the music. Creating an atmosphere of pure joy and camaraderie. With the sun casting its warm glow over the sparkling waters. Every moment feels like a dream come true.

And when it’s time to transition from sea to shore. The excitement only intensifies. Stepping onto land. Guests are greeted by the pulsating beats of the pool party. Where the festivities continue long into the night. Surrounded by palm trees and twinkling lights, the scene is nothing short of magical A true reflection of Ibiza’s legendary nightlife.

Every moment is proof of the allure of Ibiza’s renowned nightlife. Whether you’re cooling off in the pool at the after-party or dancing under the sun on the boat’s deck. So hop on board and embark on an unforgettable journey where the fun never ends and lifelong memories are created. 🚤💃🕺🌴


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