Lunch and Party Benidorm


 Lunch and Party Benidorm. Menu with starter, main course. Entrance to the party + two drinks.

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Benidorm Lunch and Party🎉

🕺Discover a complete experience in Benidorm, combining culinary delights and a festive atmosphere in an intoxicating setting! Our unique offer promises you a memorable day and night, full of exquisite flavors and captivating rhythms.

Feast & Party in Benidorm! 🍽️

🍽️ Gourmet Banquet: Start your adventure with a gourmet feast in our exclusive restaurant. A complete meal awaits you with a tasty starter, a meat main course that melts in your mouth, all accompanied by a refreshing drink. Discover the harmony of flavors in a friendly and welcoming setting.

🕺 Fiesta Fiesta: After dinner, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the night in Benidorm! Your entry ticket opens the doors to the party, where a talented DJ will keep you dancing until the end of the night. Two exquisite cocktails will accompany your evening, adding a touch of glamor to your nighttime experience.

🎊 One Day, Two Unforgettable Experiences: Enjoy every moment with our combined offer, combining culinary delight with the euphoria of dance. Whether you are a lover of good cuisine, an inveterate party animal, or both, our formula has been designed to satisfy all pleasures.

Book now to experience a day where delicious flavors and intoxicating rhythms meet in Benidorm. Join us for a gastronomic experience followed by an unforgettable night of celebration. 🌟

Enjoy the ultimate day and night in Benidorm with our special offering. Which skillfully blends delicious food with a lively party vibe. Start your journey with a gourmet feast at our special restaurant. Where you may have a full meal and cool beverages. After that, use your admittance ticket to enter the vibrant nightlife and gain access to a DJ-fueled celebration where two delicious cocktails are waiting for you.

This unique package caters to partygoers and foodies alike, guaranteeing a night of amazing celebration and a day of delicious cuisine. Make reservations right away for a day in Benidorm where mouthwatering flavors and enticing rhythms collide!🌖

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