Mallorca cocktail class



Mallorca cocktail class. Become an expert. Prepare your own cocktails with a view of the Mediterranean and drink them!

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Mallorca cocktail class🍹

Cocktail Workshop in Mallorca: Create and Enjoy your Own Delicacies on a Terrace with a View of the Mediterranean!

🌅 Embark on a taste journey to Ibiza with our cocktail workshop. Prepare three delicious drinks under the guidance of our master mixologist.

🍸 On a spectacular terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the art of mixology in an enchanting setting.

🍹 Mingle with exquisite aromas and learn cocktail-making techniques. From timeless classics to contemporary creations.

🌴Be inspired by the island atmosphere as you prepare your own liquid masterpieces. Delight your taste buds with breathtaking panoramic views.

🍸 Once the cocktails are prepared, sit back and enjoy your creations. Feel the satisfaction of enjoying a perfectly orchestrated cocktail, made with your own hands.

🌊The unique Ibiza experience is reflected in every sip, as you sip your creations on this exclusive terrace.

🥂 Reserve your place for an unforgettable evening, combining art, view and the pleasure of cocktail creation in Palma de Mallorca. Create delicious memories in this exceptional setting. 🌅🍹

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